Exercises for Flat Stomach

10 Best Effective Exercises for Flat Stomach | Abdominal Exercises

10 Best Effective Exercises for Flat Stomach. Do you like eating fast food and have a large belly full of fat? Don’t look good in your favorite Sweatshirt because your tummy bulges out of it? Is your stomach flabby from sitting in the office for long periods? Don’t be concerned. It is not too late to regain your aesthetic appearance. How so?

Fortunately, several exercises will help you lose belly fat. Which is better if it leaves you confused? Don’t worry, we will assist you in figuring it out. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Best Effective Exercises for Flat Stomach. Before that, we’d like to go through some significant ground rules with you.

Best Effective Exercises for Flat Stomach


  • Instructions
  • 10 best exercises
  • Skipping Rope
  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Mountain Climber
  • Bicycle Crunch 
  • Russian Twist
  • Sit-Ups 
  • Crunches 
  • Burpees
  • Boat Pose
  • Note


The effectiveness of exercises has a direct link with your mind. Based on a simple rule, the more you focus, the best you will get. It is vital to focus on the particular area of the body for which you are training.

Don’t take Stress because it becomes the major reason behind your body not working or responding perfectly. Make your mind relax and be peaceful. Just focus on your workout routine. Try hard and get the results.

Secondly, diet plays an important role as well. Having an intensive workout but cheating with diet leads you nowhere. 

Breathing enhances the feasibility of every exercise. Try to keep your breathing in control. Learn the inhaling and exhaling process because it helps a lot with abdominal exercise and builds your stamina.

Add some other exercises to your daily workout routine. It will never let you get bored and helps you to stay focused and fresh. The following are the top ten exercises for flattening your stomach:

10 Exercises for Flat Stomach:

1.Skipping Rope:                                                                  

Mostly, these exercise scores last on the list. But we have taken it to the front because this is a cardiovascular exercise. Your stomach interconnects with your chest and legs muscles. Training all of them together helps to squeeze the abdominal muscles fast. Skipping Rope engages all your body muscles, helps with fat loss fast. 

It helps to tone your abs by cutting the extra fat from your abdomen. Skipping Rope hits your rectus and transverse abdominals, inner and outer oblique. It fastens the procedure of weight loss and burns extra calories from your overall body.

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To perform: 

In this exercise, a rope meant for skipping is required. Take your stance, match your feet stand straight, and start jumping with the help of the fingers of your feet. Make sure your feet lift a few centimeters from the surface. Let your wrist turn the rope over you, don’t involve complete arm movement.

2. Plank:

The most effective workout for losing weight and getting a flat stomach. This exercise aimed to strengthen your core muscles, including lower and upper abdominal muscles. Plank engages your abdominal muscles, leg muscles, spinal cord, and arms muscles. It helps with every part of the body but is most effective for the stomach

How to Do the Perfect Plank Exercise - Best Abs Workout Moves


Lie down on the floor on your stomach, place your forearms on the floor aligned to your shoulder, stick your feet together with a firm grip. Press yourself up, and now you are in a plank position. It is like a fat-melting exercise, very efficient and helpful. 

Deal: Stay focused with the abdominal muscles, and keep them intact.

It will not be easy in the beginning. At the beginning level, you can make do it for 10 to 12 seconds. You can increase the limit after making it a routine exercise. Perform 3 sets, you should increase the time with every set.

3. Side Plank:

An exercise with multiple solutions. Side plank helps to reduce pain and stress from your spinal cord and back issues. Also, help to make your posture perfect. It strengthens your abdominal and back muscles.5 Reasons Your Side Plank Sucks | Muscle & Fitness


Lay down on your right side, with one hip and foot in a resting place. The opposite side will remain on top of the other. Raise your hips and knees with your shoulder, leaning on your elbow. Maintain the pose for a short period and make it count. Repeat on the other side.

Deal: Stay focused with the abdominal muscles, and keep them intact. 

4. Mountain Climber:

 Same as climbing a mountain, it cut out fat from your body and makes your feel lighter. This exercise is a perfect fit for the lower abdominal and upper abdominal, and it also involves your hips as a tip.

Deal: Stay focused with the abdominal muscles, and keep them intact. 

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Place both hands on the floor as the width of your shoulders. Straight your body from top to the feet, push your toes off. Now, take one leg forward and hold the other leg back at its place. Meet your abdomen with the knee and then take back that leg. Do the same with the other leg, and repeat the movement until you get fatigued. 3 sets of 20 reps each would be a better deal. 

Tip: This exercise requires a wide range of motion and flexibility of your legs. To make this exercise practical, try to wear an outfit that fits perfectly.

5. Bicycle Crunch: 

Yes, you correctly noticed that this exercise is similar to cycling. You are cycling while lying on the floor. The Bicycle Crunch exercise is essential for a flat stomach as it hits all major muscles of your abdomen. 

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To perform: you need to lay down straight on the floor at 90 degrees. Raise your legs about 6 to 8 inches from the ground. Put your palms back on your neck, fingers crossed. Raise your neck with the help of your hands. Place all the stress on the abdomen. 

Now, try to meet your left elbow to your right knee by twisting your ribs. Do the same with the other leg and arm.  

Deal: Stay focused with the abdominal muscles, and keep them intact.

6. Russian Twist:

 More like other exercises, Russian Twist hits your abdomen hard and helps to tone your core specifically. It is an effective exercise to get a flat stomach and also train your shoulders. Russian Twist increases the movement flexibility of your ribs with its rotational movement. 

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Sit on the flat surface or ground. Now, slightly bend your knees, hold your heels on the floor. Go back slowly, lean until your feel stress on your abdominal muscles. 

Start twisting slowly from one side to the other. You can lift your heels slightly in the air to make it hard and more effective. Or you can do Russian Twist by holding some extra weight e.g. weights or balls. Having 3 sets of 20 reps would be enough for the beginning, and you can increase the reps with time.

Deal: Stay focused with the abdominal muscles, and keep them intact.

7. Sit-Ups:

 A simple yet intensive exercise provides maximum benefit. Sit-Ups help with your abdominal muscles to strengthen them and make your stomach flat.

Sit-Ups | The 7 Exercises Everyone Should Know | POPSUGAR Fitness Photo 7


Lay down on the floor in a straight position. Bend your knees and place your feet intact with the floor. Put your arms behind your arm, or you can hold them on your chest as well. Try moving up your upper body with the help of your abdominal, by putting stress on it. Make sure, you are pushing yourself up with the aid of abdominal muscles. 

Don’t forget to exhale when you go up for the sit-up position and inhale when you go down to the rest position. 

Deal: Stay focused with the abdominal muscles, and keep them intact.

8. Crunches:

A simple, convenient, and fast way to lose belly fat and achieve a flat stomach. Crunches help to endure and provide power to your abdominal muscles. Exercises for Flat Stomach

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More like sit-ups, lay down on the floor or mat, bend your knees by placing your feet on the ground. Put your hands behind your head, fingers crossed. Now, try to lift your upper body by putting the stress on the abdomen. Don’t forget to exhale when you go up and inhale when you get back in the at-rest position.

Deal: Stay focused on the abdominal muscles, and keep them intact.           

9. Burpees:

An intensive workout hits your core muscles and helps to get a flat stomach. Also, provide strength to the core muscles.

How to Do Burpees with Perfect Form | Muscle & FitnessExercises for Flat Stomach


Stand straight on your feet shoulder-width opened. Now, go down for a squat and then jump your legs. Then place your hands on the floor, make a pushup. Get back to the same standing position after making pushups. Try to raise your arms freely at the time you jump. Repeat the same steps to hit your abdominal muscles. Do 3 sets of 10 reps each.

Deal: Stay focused with the abdominal muscles, and keep them intact.

10. Boat Pose

This exercise is effective to tone your core muscles and spinal cord as well. 

How To Do Boat Pose, A Mat Exercise For Your Abs | SELF


Sit on the floor by placing your legs straight. Then lean back slightly until your weight holds on your seated bone. Raise your legs in the air and make a V-shape with your body. Feel the stress on your abdomen. Raise your arms straight to the height of your shoulders. Hold the position for 2 minutes minimum and release, get back into the rest position. 3 sets of minutes Boat Pose would be enough. You can take it longer to make it more effective. 

Deal: Stay focused with the abdominal muscles, and keep them intact.


The fundamental rule is consistency; remain determined to achieve better results. Results cannot be obtained in a single day or week. The abdominal muscle toning procedure is time-consuming. The effects will be visible in a few weeks, but it will take a little longer, or maybe a year, to get your abdominals in perfect shape. Read more articles on health and fitness.