The 10 best MMOs to play in 2022

The 10 best MMOs to play in 2022

The year 2021 has been quite busy with big MMO releases. We could discover New World, Sword of Legends Online and even the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, End walker. The year 2022 is likely to be just as busy, and more globally the future of MMOs looks bright, with many important releases on the horizon.

In order to help you find your way through all the proposals, we list here the major MMO releases coming in 2022 and beyond. You’ll find the MMOs that should be in the news in the coming months, and we’re only listing here the projects that are well announced, with at least one title and a few images to get our hands-on. Here are the MMOs to come in 2022 and beyond.

  1. Final Fantasy XIV
  2. World of WarCraft
  3. The Elder Scrolls Online
  4. Lost Ark
  5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

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6. Black Desert Online

For a few years now, the Land of the Morning Calm has clearly been the most productive in terms of free-to-play MMOs, often to the detriment of quality or originality. During this fierce competition, Black Desert Online remains a beautiful exception.

Pearl Abyss has undoubtedly produced the rare pearl with its title, which distinguishes itself from its competitors notably by its superb plastic (and not just for the female characters). Currently, one of the most beautiful MMOs on the market, Black Desert Online can also count on one of the most spectacular game plays of the genre, making the fights really enjoyable.

The Korean studio also made wild PvP the cornerstone of its game. Guaranteeing its share of cold sweat at each expedition in the wild. But thanks to Dantean battles, the satisfaction of defeating your opponent has rarely been so great. An experience that is clearly worth the detour… provided you like farming!

7. Albion Online

A radical change of atmosphere with Albion Online, which swaps spectacular fights for a good dose of originality, and is still free-to-play! If it is not as visually impressive as many other games in this selection, its approach to the world and the involvement of the players are worth the detour.

Starting with a system that excludes the very classic class formula for a much more organic version: his equipment defined your character in Albion Online. This bias offers huge freedom, transcended by a world that evolves through the action of the players. Gone is the world in which you are a mere executor, the world has to adapt to your actions.

This means that trading, crafting, and cooperation between players is of crucial importance. Guilds are more important here than just their ability to complete a raid as quickly as possible. This makes Albion Online’s world the most procedural ever seen in the genre, offering a welcome breath of fresh air.

8. Guild Wars 2

In 2005, the same year as World of WarCraft, Guild Wars had established itself as a serious competitor to Blizzard’s MMO by offering a business model based solely on buy-to-play. In 2012, a second, bigger, better, and more ambitious game was released, which is still a classic of the genre today.

To do this, ArenaNet’s title can count on a particularly well-built world and gameplay that invites creativity. By equipping different weapons, each class with unique gameplay had its skills changed, offering the greatest diversity in the genre.

The idea of breaking away from the Tank-Soaker-Damage holy trinity also played a big part, allowing each class to be dependent and involving a different approach to well-built and challenging dungeons. Guild Wars 2 can also capitalize on its strong Kingdom vs. Kingdom PvP mode concept, offering fans of this discipline some truly grandiose battlefields.

9. New World

A young wolf in the ruthless world of MMOs, New World has stood out thanks to its intriguing universe and its survival dimension, rarely exploited in the genre. Despite a very complicated launch, Amazon The Gamer Studio has persevered to offer a title that has all the keys in hand to carve out a place for itself.

Like Albion Online, New World seeks to involve its players more in the conquest of the New World. This includes resource harvesting, trading, and building structures by the community. The war between the factions also offers an additional motivation to be the dominant guild.

New World also features a solid combat system that abandons the traditional class system in favor of weapon expertise. New World is thus a new and fresh opportunity in the vast landscape of MMOs, with freedom as its main watchword. All that’s left for Amazon to do is refine its formula, and revive the game’s economy, and we have a young and ambitious title with great potential.

10. EVE Online

To conclude our review, we have deliberately chosen a title like no other that relates to one of our greatest passions. Clearly not for everyone, EVE Online is a unique game in this vast galaxy, hiding behind its immense complexity and infinite generosity.

The space adventure begins in 2003 by offering us to play the role of a modest pilot who will have to prove himself in a consortium that is totally beyond him. Use your talents and your network to develop your company and gradually rise into a vast machine made up only of other players.

It’s a simple fact: no other MMO has involved its community to the same extent as EVE Online. So much so that some areas of the game are reminiscent of galactic battles whose witnesses are the carcasses of thousands of ships and the nostalgic stories of its participants. For this reason, CCP Games’ title is the perfect choice to close our selection of the best MMOs currently on the market.

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