8 Best Free conference calling software 2022

8 Best Free conference calling software 2022

8 Best Free conference calling software 2022. Conference calling software is one of the most powerful ways to improve workplace productivity and communication. But it can also be one of the most expensive if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, we’ve put together this free conference calling software guide to make it easy to find the best options at no cost whatsoever. We’ll walk you through all the important features to look out for and share our favorites with you. Then we’ll give you some tips on how to choose the right service provider. So you can get your first calls rolling without any hassles at all.

  1. Zoom
  2. Google Hangouts
  3. Dial pad Meetings
  4. TrueConf Online
  5. Skype
  6. Free Conference
  7. Life-size Go
  8. Slack video calls


Zoom- Best Free conference calling software 2022

This is by far our favorite free conference calling service that’s available to everyone right now! It’s a fantastic video conferencing solution, with Zoom calls going straight to mobile. On top of all of its other useful features, like screen sharing and call recording.

It even has an application programming interface (API) so developers can access its services! If you’re looking for a platform that allows you to communicate visually and sends your calls straight to your phone. (while also allowing other participants to join via mobile), Zoom is probably what you want. Plus, it won’t cost anything—and that makes it our top choice for free conference calling solutions. Be aware that as a free solution, some of its features are more limited than paid-for options.

For example, you’ll only get 20 minutes per month during peak hours before you’re bumped down. To 480p resolution quality when using its standard package. You’ll need to upgrade if you plan on having more than one meeting a day. Or having more than 100 people per meeting. It costs $99/month. But at just $2/month for unlimited meetings and 24-hour customer support. We think it’s worth using for occasional meetings where people aren’t in your office. Try out their free 60-day trial now!

Formerly named Google+ Hangouts, Hangouts Meet is essentially a business tool built. Into G Suite that lets your entire team get together online. Unlike many other tools on our list, it focuses on screen sharing rather than audio and video; you control who can share their displays based on which circles they belong to.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts are one of our favorite communication tools here at Buffer. It’s free, flexible, and very easy to use; we’ve been using it since day one. With a shared calendar, task list, and direct messaging built right in. It really does have everything you need to run a remote business or team—and that’s not all! Google Hangouts has tons of great features like screen sharing and video conferencing too; there really isn’t much it can’t do when it comes to virtual collaboration.

You can get started with Google Hangouts for free; just make sure you sign up for a Gmail account before diving in (or your new video chat service will be very lonely). While getting started with Google Hangouts couldn’t be easier. If you want more control over how it. Looks and behaves—perhaps you even want to brand it specifically for your business—there are two paid options available. Google Meetings ($5 per user per month) and Google+ Enterprise ($50 per user per year).

We’d recommend going for either option only if absolutely necessary. Getting started quickly with free tools makes sense for most teams. Plus, you don’t want to risk getting stuck without an alternative tool if anything happens to G Suite (Google’s online productivity suite); email might seem pretty safe as an essential platform today but who knows what’ll happen tomorrow?

Free Video Call Software. Another option for your remote team is free video call software such as Skype, Hangouts, or Zoom. These tools offer a wider range of features than what you’ll find in Google Hangouts. But they aren’t as user-friendly and can be challenging to set up. If you haven’t done it before, they also need more storage space on your computer to run smoothly. Then move on to other video call options if you find it isn’t meeting all of your team communication needs.

Meetings on Dial-Pad

Meetings on Dial-Pad

This is a free conferencing tool for one-on-one or small group meetings. The dial pad makes it easy to have great meetings and keeps everyone on your team in sync from anywhere. Without needing to change rooms or set up expensive equipment. You can use it to hold weekly standups, brainstorm sessions, update your team on a project’s progress, and more! and because it works on any device. You can use Dial Pad on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone while traveling—and even while overseas! If you have multiple people at your office who need to participate in meetings, then I recommend trying out Zoom.

It has most of these same features. With a few bonus features like white-boarding tools for presentations and customized dial-in numbers for callers outside of your building. Use Zoom (with dial-in numbers) to share meeting notes afterward. One simple feature that takes it above and beyond just being free conference calling software is that it stores all your conversations so you can easily reference them later on. This is great if you’re leading a project where there are specific steps and milestones (or want to see what happened during last week’s meeting).

The free version of Google Hangouts also comes with video recordings included, as well as chat history between meetings. There are also built-in templates for things like agendas and minutes, Which makes sharing information between sessions easier than having to copy and paste slides every time around.

TrueConf Online

TrueConf Online

TrueConf is by far my favorite video conferencing service for both audio and video conferencing. The audio is crystal clear, it’s really easy to set up, and it integrates seamlessly with most other services (not just GoToMeeting). You can try it free for 7 days! As a special bonus, you’ll receive $25 in credit if you use our coupon code: CPREW, or $50 in credit if you’ve recently registered a new account! Try the free conference calling software via TrueConf! These are 100% honest opinions and experiences.



No other conferencing service has gained more ubiquity than Skype, with almost no barrier to entry. If you already have a Skype account, you can use that for free video conferencing if your friends and business partners also have Skype accounts.

One of Skype’s big strengths is its number of apps and availability on mobile devices, which make it easy to connect via computer or phone in a pinch—or even while on vacation or traveling abroad; there are many different Windows and Mac apps, but not yet any designed for Android or iOS devices, so those users will need to use their web browsers instead.

But though the audio quality can be inconsistent at times, video chats through Skype typically work just fine. And if you happen to have another kind of smartphone besides an iPhone or Android device (e.g., BlackBerry), consider using Google Hangouts.

It works well enough that I’ve used it in place of Skype from time to time when doing quick calls from my couch or checking out Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling abroad. Or, if all else fails (you don’t happen to have any free voice minutes with T-Mobile, etc.), plain old telephone calls still work just fine. Between my wife and I, we average four hours per week talking on our cell phones —and we know plenty of people who talk more than that each month!

Free Conference

Free Conference

The free conferencing app to turn your smartphone into a video conferencing system and make your meetings more productive. You can download it here! (If you need help in installing it, visit our free WebEx helpdesk). When it comes to free services, Free Conference is hard to beat; for those of you with multiple locations and small budgets, free shouldn’t come at a loss in quality or reliability.

There are many different options for free conferencing apps but we think Free Conference is pretty high up on that list, as long as you’re looking for something with audio-only capabilities; if you want HD video too then take a look at our #1 pick (Skype) but know that none of these are what they’re called free when there’s no cost associated with the installation or use so everyone really gets exactly what they pay for. For example, in Free Conference cases one side must be using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device which isn’t free at all (what other expense were you expecting?).

All things considered, though there’s probably a no better option than Free Conference unless you happen to own a rear conference room with video equipment already. And even then – remember: anything else is going to require some serious cash… On top of that, not only does Free Conferencing support iOS and Android devices, but users who’ve installed their web client software do not have bandwidth limitations like some providers enforce! That means great call quality without restrictions. If needed: try out our Softphone Demo so you see just how well calls work across various platforms.

Life-size Go

Life-size Go

The Life-size Go system is probably my favorite free conferencing service, especially if you have Life-size hardware already in place at your company. The setup was very simple and easy and has performed flawlessly every time I’ve used it. The interface is sleek and modern, in contrast to other free conferencing systems that feel a bit clunky with their poor interfaces (no offense meant!). It can be used for high-quality calls for up to 25 people or for low-quality calls for up to 500 people, though bear in mind that call quality suffers as more participants are added on a per-call basis.

A great option for video conferences! It even comes with an iOS app so you can join from your phone during a call if need be. If you’re looking for free conferencing services, look no further than Life-size Go. Free conference calling software like this doesn’t get much better than Life-size Go.

Slack Video Calls

Slack Video Calls

Slack is an awesome tool for getting team communication on track and focused, but their recently launched video conferencing feature is a huge upgrade to normal call features. Video calls are especially good for teams that work remotely, or in different parts of a city, because they allow people to move around while they’re talking—whether it’s just walking across a room or moving out into nature to brainstorm ideas (something we highly recommend).

Even better? You can also record your video calls and have them transcribed so you can go back later to figure out what was said if needed. We love Slack’s new feature and think it’s an important addition to any office setup! When multiple people need to be involved in a phone call, having clear audio means everyone can participate effectively without constantly asking what did she say? By prioritizing intelligibility above all else, Blue Jeans ensures no details get lost along the way. The technology works by aligning each speaker’s voice with her face onscreen and creating virtual microphones for each person where necessary based on their position relative to other users.

It not only makes every word understandable; it makes sound quality comparable to high-quality analog phone lines, even over connections that aren’t ideal. So long as everyone has decent internet speeds and a solid Wi-Fi connection – both things most offices provide – customers say they consistently achieve crystal clear conversations with no hiccups at all. Some other tools we like include Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, and Appear. Overall, though, Zoom has emerged as our top choice because of its flexible pricing structure, stellar customer service, and easy interface – particularly when it comes to conducting multi-person meetings from one screen.

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