7 Best SUV 2022

Top 7 Best SUV 2022
Top 7 Best SUV 2022. The term SUV mean sport utility vehicles. To be considered an SUV, a vehicle must have off-road capability, luxury, as well as maximum safety. The SUV is the most popular segment of the current car industry. An SUV is an important vehicle for the hostile environment that can roam the mountains, jungles, rivers, everywhere. The majority of them are good family vehicles. So SUV is the first choice for those who travel long distances and drive on adverse roads. But one thing we can say with some certainty is that by 2022, there will be an incredibly diverse lineup of vehicles available that will carry the SUV badge. Do you know which is the best SUV 2022 on the market? Let’s take a look.

1. Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Rolls Royce Cullinan 2022

The best SUV is a fairly subjective label, so we won’t claim to have an answer. But what we can do is look at all of those criteria you mentioned and decide which one comes closest. (Good luck deciding on just one.) The Rolls-Royce Cullinan ticks quite a few boxes but it’s also likely out of most people’s price range; plus, it doesn’t do anything radically different from its rivals.
Land Rover’s new Range Rover SV Coupe offers much more space in its cabin and lots of capability off-road, although it misses out on having any four-door variants. Volvo’s new XC60 Cross Country sits somewhere between being genuinely comfortable to drive and remaining practically capable – as such, if you’re after something rugged and stylish, it might be your best bet. Mercedes’ GLE 63 Coupe thing sits on a purpose-built platform with seating for five and loads of space inside for luggage or dogs or both. And then there are some wild cards: Nissan has teamed up with Daimler for its next QX50 SUV, Hyundai has revealed an oddball design study called Kia Telluride . . . It’ll be interesting to see where everyone goes from here!

2. Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus 2022
Best SUV 2022

The Lamborghini Urus will be one of many in a long line of SUVs to come from automakers. But most SUVs aren’t nearly as exciting as Urus, which comes from Lamborghini—the Italian supercar brand. It’s expected to have 600 hp, a top speed of 189 mph, and it’s due out in 2018. The Urus is also supposed to get around 22 mpg on gasoline and 9 mpg on electricity (total). Its predicted price is $200,000. While you might think that’s expensive for an SUV, there are plenty of more affordable options if that seems too rich for your blood. Though still pricey by most standards, these vehicles range in cost from $15,000–$100,000.
Here are some popular options: Bentley Bentayga ($229,700), Mercedes GLS63 AMG 4MATIC ($95,775), BMW X6 M ($103,100), and Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged ($89,245). These four can actually run with Urus on a track; just watch them try it here. The fifth option is not quite at their level: Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid ($105K);

3. Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600

Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 2022

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS is basically a seven-seat, nine-figure luxury rocket ship that also happens to be a pickup truck. It’s 6’5 and weighs over 6,000 pounds when empty, but it still manages to sprint from 0–60 in 2.9 seconds—because of course, it does. It’s essentially a Suburban with leather seats, fine-wood trim, and 20 rims.
The interior is about as luxurious as you’d expect for a car with six leather captain’s chairs and an optional walnut cabinetry package. You’ll pay for all that luxury: The base model starts at around $200k, while fully loaded models crest $600k territory. There are two other notable contenders vying for best SUV title honors in 2022. First up is Aston Martin’s DBXV7; admittedly a hard sell based on looks alone (it looks like every drawing eight-year-old me ever did of what my dream car would look like),
it packs 600 hp from its twin-turbo V8 and can reach 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds flat. If BMW had decided to make one of its i8 Roadster variants into an SUV rather than show off with the I Vision Dynamics concept, it might have been able to dethrone Mercedes here; unfortunately for Munich, however, automotive group dynamics don’t play out quite so simply.



BMW’s carbon-fiber X6 M is already a supercar in SUV clothing, but that’s not good enough for BMW tuner ALPINA. The company has revealed its new XB7 InMotion concept, which adds a turbocharger to push output from 560 horsepower to 700. Add all that up and you have an SUV capable of completing a 0-60 sprint in under four seconds and hitting 172 mph (275 km/h).

The price has not yet been revealed, but don’t expect it to be cheap. You should also not expect any output. After all, what would happen if everyone started buying SUVs with 700 horsepower? Green = Electric: Luxury carmakers like Mercedes-Benz are having no trouble convincing their customers to buy electric SUVs. as buyers snap up models like the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace with abandon. Why? Because they are great cars that offer something traditional gas-powered luxury SUVs can’t: instant torque and zero emissions driving when using electricity instead of gasoline.

5. Audi RS Q8

Audi RS Q8 2022

How Will Audi Deal With The BMW X6? Since it arrived in 2014, it has been assumed that Audi would use its RS label for a jacked-up version of a mid-sized SUV. That’s how Porsche and BMW have used their respective labels with varying degrees of success, after all. But now we know what Audi has up its sleeve. The RS Q8 will land as an electrified beast that combines elements from both Lamborghini (the Urus) and Bentley (the EXP 12 Speed 6e). No pricing is available yet, but it will likely start at $150,000 when it arrives in late 2021. So how can Audi expect to compete with the iconic X6? By providing something no one else can—at least not yet. Unlike any other automaker on Earth, Audi actually offers multiple plug-in hybrid drivetrains—and two or three different battery capacities for each variant.

In other words, unlike BMW or Mercedes-Benz, there’s practically no limit to what you can do inside an Audi body these days. It’s like giving a chef every possible vegetable instead of just lettuce.
And there’s more: On top of your choice between gasoline and diesel powerplants, you also get your pick between front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive setups; adaptive air suspension; active steering; optional carbon fiber construction; variable exhaust pipes; brake energy regeneration… If anything will keep buyers away from new X6es in 2022 it won’t be price alone.

6. New Range Rover

New Range Rover 2022

Land Rover has announced that it will have an all-electric Range Rover Sport by 2022. It won’t be a production model, but a fully functioning concept car. You know, like those that people call concept cars despite clearly being production-ready vehicles.
The EV features four electric motors producing a combined 564 horsepower, which is enough to shove it from 0-60 in 4.0 seconds and up to 124 mph. (Which is almost sports car territory!) At 60 mph, however, there’s still 145 miles of range left on its batteries!
The powertrain comes from Williams Advanced Engineering and is expected to feature on Land Rover’s own upcoming EVs as well as others from Jaguar Land Rover such as future versions of Tesla Model X competitor I-Pace crossover.

7. Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga 2022

The Bentley Bentayga is still new and shiny, but already it’s an obvious choice for the best SUV 2022. In fact, we’re calling it a candidate for the best car of 2022, period.
How good is it? It’s ridiculously good. When we say ridiculously good, we mean that with just about every option checked you’ll be looking at over $200,000 worth of goodness in your driveway. We also mean that if you arrive to pick up your Bentayga and there’s someone inside who isn’t wearing a chauffeur uniform behind the wheel. don’t expect them to offer to move so you can get out of your car; all snark aside, when it comes to actual luxury SUVs in real life, no one tops Bentley. Their interiors are gorgeous and filled with soft leathers and high-end wood trim; their engines are hand-built works of art that sound better than many luxury cars. And everything feels right when you’re driving. Everything feels like money well spent.
So yeah, choose your options wisely—it’s expensive enough without frivolous extras. —but know that whatever bill arrives at delivery time will probably have been worth it. [Bentley]

We all love SUV cars, but it’s difficult to choose which SUV car is the best out there. This article presents the most important features of the best SUV cars in the world. so you can choose which one you want to buy for your business or personal use and avoid any nasty surprises when you buy your new favorite car! If you want to know something about motorcycles, click here.

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