BPL 2023 Match schedule

BPL 2023 Match schedule. Bangladesh Premier League BPL 2023 season started on the 6th of January. BPL 2023 is the ninth edition of the Bangladesh Premier League. A total of seven teams participated in BPL 2023. There will be a total of 46 matches including the final in this tournament. Each team will get a total of 12 matches in the first round. 46 matches of the tournament will be held in three venues. The three venues are 1. Sher-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium (Dhaka) 2. Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium (Chattogram) 3. Sylhet International Cricket Stadium(Sylhet).
7 teams in BPL 2023
BPL 2023 Match schedule
Chattogram Challengers VS Sylhet Strikers06-01-20232:00 PMDhaka
Comilla Victorians VS Rangpur Riders06-01-20237:00 PMDhaka
Dhaka Dominators VS Khulna Tigers07-01-20231:30 PMDhaka
Fortune Barishal VS Sylhet Strikers07-01-20236:30 PMDhaka
Comilla Victorians VS Sylhet Strikers09-01-20231:30 PMDhaka
Chattogram Challengers VS Khulna Tigers09-01-20236:30 PMDhaka
Fortune Barishal VS Rangpur Riders10-01-20231:30 PMDhaka
Khulna Tigers VS Sylhet Strikers10-01-20236:30 PMDhaka
Chattogram Challengers VS Fortune Barishal13-01-20232:00 PMChattogram
Khulna Tigers VS Rangpur Riders13-01-20237:00 PMChattogram
Comilla Victorians VS Fortune Barishal14-01-20231:30 PMChattogram
Chattogram Challengers VS Dhaka Dominators14-01-20236:30 PMChattogram
Sylhet Strikers VS Dhaka Dominators16-01-20231:30 PMChattogram
Chattogram Challengers VS Comilla Victorians16-01-20236:30 PMChattogram
Khulna Tigers VS Rangpur Riders17-01-20231:30 PMChattogram
Comilla Victorians VS Sylhet Strikers17-01-20236:30 PMChattogram
Comilla Victorians VS Dhaka Dominators19-01-20231:30 PMChattogram
Fortune Barishal VS Rangpur Riders19-01-20236:30 PMChattogram
Khulna Tigers VS Chattogram Challengers20-01-20232:00 PMChattogram
Fortune Barishal VS Dhaka Dominators20-01-20237:00 PMChattogram
Chattogram Challengers VS Rangpur Riders23-01-20231:30 PMDhaka
Comilla Victorians VS Dhaka Dominators23-01-20236:30 PMDhaka
Fortune Barishal VS Sylhet Strikers24-01-20231:30 PMDhaka
Khulna Tigers VS Dhaka Dominators24-01-20236:30 PMDhaka
Rangpur Riders VS Sylhet Strikers27-01-20232:00 PMSylhet
Chattogram Challengers VS Fortune Barishal27-01-20237:00 PMSylhet
Khulna Tigers VS Comilla Victorians28-01-20231:30 PMSylhet
Chattogram Challengers VS Sylhet Strikers28-01-20236:30 PMSylhet
Rangpur Riders VS Dhaka Dominators30-01-20231:30 PMSylhet
Khulna Tigers VS Sylhet Strikers30-01-20236:30 PMSylhet
Fortune Barishal VS Dhaka Dominators31-01-20231:30 PMSylhet
Khulna Tigers VS Comilla Victorians31-01-20236:30 PMSylhet
Khulna Tigers VS Fortune Barishal03-02-20232:00 PMDhaka
Rangpur Riders VS Dhaka Dominators03-02-20237:00 PMDhaka
Chattogram Challengers VS Comilla Victorians04-02-20231:30 PMDhaka
Rangpur Riders VS Sylhet Strikers04-02-20236:30 PMDhaka
Chattogram Challengers VS Dhaka Dominators07-02-20231:30 PMDhaka
Fortune Barishal VS Comilla Victorians07-02-20236:30 PMDhaka
Khulna Tigers VS Sylhet Strikers08-02-20231:30 PMDhaka
Chattogram Challengers VS Rangpur Riders08-02-20236:30 PMDhaka
Rangpur Riders VS Comilla Victorians10-02-20232:00 PMDhaka
Khulna Tigers VS Fortune Barishal10-02-20237:00 PMDhaka
3rd position VS 4th position12-02-20221:30 PMDhaka
1st qualifier
1st position VS 2nd position12-02-20226:30 PMDhaka
2nd qualifier
Eliminator winner VS 1st qualifier loser14-02-20226:30 PMDhaka
1st qualifier winner VS 2nd qualifier winner16-02-20226:30 PMDhaka
BPL 2023 Match schedule

This year’s Bangladesh Premier League 2023 tournament will be held with seven teams. 7 teams in BPL 2023 are 1. Dhaka Dominators 2. Khulna Tigers 3. Comilla Victorians 4. Rangpur Riders 5. Chattogram Challengers 6. Sylhet Strikers 7. Fortune Barishal. Each team will face each team twice in the group stage. Each team will get a total of 12 matches in the first phase. In BPL 2023 each team can play maximum of four overseas players and seven local players in the match

Ticket Price BPL 9th Edition (Dhaka Venue): Grandstand – Tk. 1,500, Vip Stand – Tk. 1,000, Club House – Tk. 500, North/South Stand – Tk. 300, and Eastern Stand – Tk. 200.

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