Nutrition Guide to Eating at Texas Roadhouse

A Nutrition Guide to Eating at Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse Nutrition is a popular restaurant chain that specializes in steak, ribs, and other barbecue favorites. But if you’re trying to eat healthily, it can be difficult to determine which menu items are the best choices. That’s why we’ve put together this nutrition guide for eating at Texas Roadhouse. Read on to learn more about the nutritional values of some of their most popular dishes!

Calories and Macros

Texas Roadhouse has an extensive menu that includes everything from salads and sandwiches to steaks,
burgers, chicken wings, and much more. To help you make the healthiest choice possible when eating at
this restaurant chain, here are the calorie counts and macronutrient breakdowns of some popular

  • Grilled Salmon (6 oz): 185 calories; 15 g fat; 0 g carbs; 14 g protein
  • 8 oz Sirloin Steak with 2 Sides (no added butter): 850 calories; 38 g fat; 41 g carbs; 64 g protein
  • Hand-Battered Fish & Chips (3 strips): 430 calories; 20 g fat; 35 g carbs; 19 g protein • Fried Pickles
    with Ranch Dressing (10 pieces): 690 calories; 51 g fat; 31g carbs; 16g protein • Santa Fe Chicken Salad
    (without dressing): 580 calories; 34g fat; 25g carbs; 44g protein • Prime Rib (8 oz): 800 calories ; 57g fat
    ; 3g carbs ; 60g protein • Loaded Sweet Potato Fries with Bacon & Cheese Sauce (1 order): 640 calories ;
    27g fat; 79g carbs; 10g protein • Apple Pie Shooter with Caramel Sauce (1 serving): 340 calories; 17g
    fat ; 40g carbs ; 4g protein • Ice Cream Sundae with Chocolate Sauce(1 serving ): 760 Calories , 28G Fat
    , 109G Carbs, 11G Protein

Eating out can be tricky if you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet. But knowing the nutritional facts about
your food can help you make better choices and enjoy delicious meals without sacrificing your health
goals. Hopefully, this nutrition guide has given you some useful information so you can make healthier
decisions next time you visit Texas Roadhouse.

What is the nutritional information for the Texas Roadhouse grilled chicken?

One of the most popular entrees at Texas Roadhouse Nutrition Chicken, and for good reason! Not only
does it taste delicious, but it’s also a nutritious option if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to
burgers or other fried options.

A typical grilled chicken serving from Texas Roadhouse contains approximately 350 calories and 11g of
fat. Of these fat grams, 2.5g are saturated fats – so this dish certainly won’t derail your diet! Protein-wise
you’ll get 24g per serving to help keep you feeling full throughout the day.

If you’re trying to be mindful of carbs when eating out, then the grilled chicken is an excellent choice as
it offers just 5g net carbs per serving – making sure that it fits into all kinds of dietary requirements and
restrictions with ease. Additionally, each portion (or 8oz patty) comes complete with 18% daily value

calcium; 10% Iron; 10% Vitamin A; 15% Vitamin C, and 6% Potassium! This makes the Texas Roadhouse
Grilled Chicken is an overall great meal choice both gastronomically and nutritionally speaking.

How many calories are in a Texas Roadhouse Roll?

Each Texas Roadhouse Roll contains a whopping 250 calories. It’s made up of a sweet yeast roll with
melted butter, cinnamon, and sugar swirled on top for an ice-cold, gooey treat. While you should
definitely enjoy these from time to time as part of a balanced diet, know that each one packs more than
200 calories in every serving.

These rolls are also high in saturated fat, contributing about 8% of your daily value for those looking to
limit their intake. They do have some nutritional benefits like providing 2 grams of protein and 1 gram of dietary fiber per roll but help keep portion size in check when enjoying this tasty snack.

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