Why you should start Cross-Training?

 Why you should start Cross-Training?


Why you should start Cross-Training? Cross-Training allows you to change your daily exercise routine and try something new. It helps add up variations to your training program. Cross Training is including dimensions in your daily routine, there are different categories of exercises but cross-training pushes your limits. Every fitness enthusiast is devoted to his or her workout routine. Although it is very satisfying having a perfect body shape or build up muscles, the human body has its limitations. 
The case for cross training: part 2

Our Body consists of fibers, mass, water, and groups of muscles. When we train them, they broke and they rebuild. This is what happens when you work out but having the same workout on a daily routine short-life this breaking and re-build process and it’s become slow and there is a maximum chance of injury.

Cross-training is a solution to overcome the injuries caused by working out in the same repetitive motion. It can be taken as a chance to alter your body direction and your body will be able to move in all three motions.

The human body can move in three motions:

1. Frontier motion:

                            The frontal Plane invisibly cuts your body from the middle to divide your body into front and back halves. In the frontier motion, you are moving in side-to-side motion in a path that is parallel to the plane. Swimming and Side Lunges are exemplary workouts. 

2. Sagittal motion: 

                           Bicep Curls, running and cycling are examples that can count in the sagittal motion. While moving in the sagittal motion you are engaging in the front and back motion. 

3. Transverse motion:

                                The Transverse motion is functional as it cuts an invisible line from the middle of your body and divides it into top and bottom halves. Rotational and twisting movements can be possible in transverse motion. Dancing, Yoga, boxing, and swinging the baseball or cricket bat are examples of this motion.

The benefits of cross training
Your muscles are naturally capable to move in three motions but working out in the same motion can cause severe muscular injuries or muscle damage.

Cross-training is not only for bodybuilders or gym enthusiasts, it’s a broadway that opens up for everyone. Every exercise yet it is cycling, swimming, running, and bodybuilding. focuses on one or two motions only, but there is still a motion left behind untrained.

Training is based on impacts and different exercises have different impacts. some fall in the High Impact category and some fall in the Low Impact category and some of them fall in the No Impact category. 

  • High Impact: 

                       As in high-impact exercises, the interaction of the body and ground is maximum e.g. Rope jumping and running are high-strength activities but only deals with a particular group of muscle, just in case leg muscles are the priority. For an athlete, it is compulsory not to over-train his leg muscles. because it can cause him paralysis due to over-training syndrome. Cross Training is a solution to minimize the fear of injury or to prevent loss cross-training. your muscles, as a runner your lower-body muscles are working maximum, don’t put them on steak and try a different or new activity. You should try upper body training like pull-ups, and pushups to train upper body muscles.

  • Low Impact: 

                     As for low-impact exercises, the interaction of the body and ground is minimum as at least one foot is in touch with the ground. Low-impact exercises such as Walking and strength training are very helpful in building muscles and making your bones strong, specifically in the lower body section.

  • No Impact: 

                  In this category, the interaction of the ground and body is zero percent because these exercises are not to perform on the ground e.g. swimming and cycling. 

In no-impact exercises, swimming and cycling are the best examples. both of these no-impact exercises are helpful in the recovery of old injuries.

How cross-training is beneficent or Helpful?

Cross Training is a cure for your over-training syndromes which means extensive muscle damage. 

Cross-Training is beneficent in multiple ways:

  • Eliminates Boredom from your exclusive same workout routine by including multiple varieties of exercises in your workout routine.
  • Allow all the muscles to move in some motion by adding up new activities in your boring routine.
  • Gives relaxation to the muscles intact.
  • Make you feel like a human, you’re not a machine working on an assembly line working in the same repetitive manner. Convenient to balance your life.
  • Facilitate your brain with calmness and gives refreshing vibes.
  • Weight Loss is one of the most prominent facts, working out new ways to fasten the fat burning process.
  • Would you like to skip your workout sessions if you become injured? No, everyone hates it. Cross-training allows you to not give up on your routine, in case of injury just go with any No Impact exercise for the rest of your day.

How to Cross-Train?

Cross-Training should be done with a consult with your doctor, you must have proper knowledge about the consequences. Each individual has their physical limitations as you may not push the limit or it will cause you much. 

Like all the other workouts cross-training is based on some components:

  • Muscular Strength 
  • Muscular endurance
  • Cardiovascular Endurance 
  • Flexibility 
  • Body Composition

These components deal with the different categories of exercises:

  • Aerobic Exercises:

                               Aerobic exercises help with the endurance of cardiovascular activities, skating, walking and stair climbing fall in this category. You should try it two to three times for 30 minutes a week to relax your mind and to come out from your fed-up workout routine.

  • Strength Exercises:

                                Good for muscle growth, tone and strength; pushups, weight lifting, and circuit training are the exercises that you can give a try. Twice or thrice a week but days should not be consecutive, a gap for one day between strength workouts to allow the muscle groups to regain strength and stickiness back.

  • Flexibility Exercises:

                                  The flexibility of muscles minimizes the fear of injury because muscle life enhances due to its flexibility; yoga, stretches and Pilates help keep the muscles maintaining their agility. Flexibility exercises for 15 to 20 minutes are meant to be done daily, but a warm-up is compulsory before doing these.

    A Simple Guideline:

                              Cross-Training is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is most important for the extensiveness or growth of muscles in our body. You must love your favorite workout exercise but you should take cross-training as an opportunity to do something new to extract boredom from your life.

  • Try to replace one or two workout sessions with new activities.
  • Add up an alternate exercise from your daily routine, if you’re a swimmer you should go cycling, you should go for tracking if you are a bodybuilder. So, just try to relax.
  • Prepare a schedule for cross-training, and mention your routine, time, and activities.
  • Search for your most suitable will whether you want to add running or cycling to your routine whatever it can be.

Cross-Training is not only the name of alternative exercise it counts as changing the routine of everybody, not every individual does exercise but he still has stuck on the same track and got no time to do something productive or innovative.

Try it, try to look for something convenient and joyful for yourself, not just act try to live life, my friend.

Evaluate the Progress:

                                            Cross-training is a game of time, it’s slow but sure progress is evaluated based on your concern with it. It should be difficult at first because it’s hard to add on in consecutive routines but still work, the possibility lies where hard work is done. Slow and gradual progress is the passage for long-term results.

Try to follow some rules like the 10% rule as for the starter and then you should add up according to your efficiency.

It is a time taking activity, the more time you invest the more exact result you get. 

Results cannot be shown within a day or overnight but you will see the clear effects of it on your personality.

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